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From the cities of art and culture, to European capitals, to the most exclusive tourist areas. In City Golf carries golf anywhere you can create a spectacular event. The idea is to unite each shot with historical, cultural, sporting or touristic symbol that stands for the hosting cities. Each year a new location. From 2010 to the present it were in fact fact ten cities hosting the tournament.

2023 News


19-20 May 2023 – official tournament
In cooperation with Comunie di Trieste

Past event


Past editions:
16-17 July 2021 – official tournament
23 October 2019 – promo event
In cooperation with ÖGV


Past editions:
21-22 October 2022 – official tournament
17-18 Semptember 2021 – official tournament
09-10 October 2020 – official tournament
20-21 September 2019 – official tournament
21-22 September 2018 – official tournament
05 June 2018 – promo event
In cooperation with APT Trento


Past editions:
25-26 May 2018 – official tournament
14-15 April 2017 – official tournament
In cooperation with ÖGV


Past editions:
02 May 2017 – promo event
14-15 July 2017 – official tournament
In cooperation with Azienda di soggiorno di Merano

EXPO Milano 2015

In City golf at the world exibition EXPO Milano 2015.
Past editions:
15 September 2015
In cooperation with Comitati Regionali Federgolf Italia and Italian Pavalion.


In July 2015 Livigno will host for the first time an In Golf Event.
In addition there will also be organized the 1st Livigno Golf Open, played on the worlds highest golf
course with Greens out of synthetic grass, made by our partner Brilliant8.
Past editions:
11 July 2015
In cooperation with APT Livigno.


The capital city of Germany.
9 October 2014: promo event
In cooperation with Berlin.


Verona, the city known from Shakespear’s masterpiece „Romeo and Juliet“, is since 2013 hosting city
for In City Golf.
Past editions:
21 May 2016
30 May 2015
23-24 May 2014
In cooperation with the City of Verona.


The city of Florence known around the world for its cultural treasures, hosted In City Golf in 2012 and
2013. The images of the promotion event in 2012 with the launch from the Tower of Arnolfo went
around the world.
Past editions:
4-5 October 2013
5-6 October 2012
In cooperation with the City of Florence.


The “Queen of the Dolomites” was the first city to host the tournament. From 2010 to 2014 every year
In City Golf turned the city centre of Cortina d’Ampezzo into an 18 hole golf parkers.
Past editions:
29-30 July 2022
11-12 July 2014
12-13 July 2013
13-14 July 2012
15-16 July 2011
16-17 July 2010
In cooperation with the Municipality of Cortina.

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