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The Event

In City Golf was founded in 2010 in Cortina d’Ampezzo with the first launch from “Tofane“ with Carolina Kostner.

It is an invitational golf tournament. Guests are invited by the sponsors and the organization. 72 players contend for the victory of one of the 18 holes, each with its own original and unusual design.

In City Golf is a highly exciting and spectacular event. It is not just an entertainment for the players but also for the audience. We try to convey through this sport important cultural and social values, involving the most authentic and suggestive nooks and corners of the host cities.

The Event Presentation

Players and their accompaniment are welcomed on the evening before the event at a convivial meeting to know the course, the rules and to present the flights.

The Tournament

Shot-Gun Start: Each flights will start at the same time from a different hole of the 18 hole course.

The Prizes

At the end of the tournament there will be 18 winners, one for each hole. In case of a tie we will hold, in occasion of the gala dinner, a play-off to find the winner of the hole.

Each player can only win just one hole and therefore also just one prize.


    Every time a different course that involves monuments, famous squares, exclusive gardens, sports venues such as the ice rink in Cortina, but also historic shops and designer labels in the hosting cities.
    (See map)


    Each edition of City Golf involves personalities from the world of show business and sport. Just to name few of them: Lorenzo Gagli, who attended the last edition of Florence, and Giulia Sergas, who shot from the famous Tower of Arnolfo of Palazzo Vecchio in the first launch of 2012.


    An event where sponsors become protagonists through their products.

    We try to give the most highly level of visibility to all our sponsors and partners.

    Many opportunities: use your product directly to design one of the 18 holes, display corners during the evening events or in the VIP Lounge. It also possible to realize one of the 18 holes directly in a showroom or in the sponsors head quarter.

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