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Since 2010 Curtes Sportevents Marketing organizes the successful event series In City Golf. In those years the extraordinary golf event has been held in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Florence, Verona, Berlin, Livigno, EXPO Milano 2015 and Merano.


In City Golf is an invitational tournament (guests invited by sponsors and OC).
72 players contending for the victory of the single holes.


Vienna 14-15 April 2017
Merano 2 May 2017 – Promo Event
14-15 July 2017 – Official Tournament
Munich 22-24 September 2017


In City Golf is an event organized by CURTES Sportevents Marketing


A unique experience for he players to live each shot and to test their skills in the most exciting places of the hosting cities, surrounded by an extremely curious public.

An opportunity of maximum visibility for the sponsor to promote its image through sports, transmitting cultural and social values.

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Sports and Solidarity

In City Golf and Sipario, a non-profit organization from Florence, promote the social integration of young and intellectually disabled and sensory people through golf.
A combination that has become an part of In City Golf, a synergy of purpose that for some years now we participate in.

The collaboration between In City Golf and “I Ragazzi di Sipario” was born in Florence in October 2012, when on the occasion of the event the boys and girls from „I Ragazzi di Sipario“ occurred as excellent “restaurateurs” along the18 hole parcours.

A collaboration that was consolidated in 2013 also in the stage of Cortina: on that occasion the organizers have set in favor of “I Ragazzi di Sipario” a “hole in one” charity from Olympic Trampoline of 1956.

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