Mirò Dental Medical Center

The Dental Center Mirò Bolzano was founded in April 2008 with the aim to offer a full range of dental and dental services for oral hygiene and the treatment of all diseases in the teeth, mouth and jaw area. After the big success in Bolzano the Mirò Medical Dental Center opened a second center in Trento in September, 2009.

There are two structures with outpatient clinics for dentistry and diagnostics, which offer specialized care around the tooth. In the centers of Bolzano and Trento is working a highly qualified and continuously educated medical team of doctors and paramedical staff, whose organization is aimed at the best possible therapeutic results with affordable costs. The two structures are an already well-proven (in the major cities in Italy and abroad) business model. Our low prices are not due to a low quality, they are based rather on some economies of scale, to the optimization of resources.

The dentist centers are a reference point for the entire region of Trentino Alto Adige, whether due to the extremely competitive prices and easy access to services, even if it is due to their customeroriented and quick organization that makes it possible to optimize time and human and financial resources. All this brings a real advantage for the patient.
The continuous opening hours from Monday to Friday to ensure easy access to services, even in urgent cases, and to reconcile the demands of all those patients, who can not stay away from work during normal working hours.

The distribution of the interior is well thought out to the last detail and takes into account all requirements of a modern dental center. For the specialist services, the center has 11 rooms, one of them as the operating room, two as ambulatorium and dental technicians as an internal clinic.