In City Golf Merano 2017: spectacular and glamorous

Golf entered the streets, the promenade and the squares, and found itself at home, in the elegant city of Merano.

On Saturday, July 15, the city on the Passirio hosted “In City Golf”, an event that in the recent years took place in locations famous for its art and culture but also for in touristic top locations as Florence, Verona, Berlin, Vienna, Cortina and Livigno.

72 players invited by the tourist authority of Merano, which organized the event in collaboration with the agency Curtes. Among them were well-known faces from sports (the cycling champion Claudio Chiappucci – among other things also a winner of a hole at the In City Golf tournament in Merano -, former football player Beppe Dossena, ski star Peter Fill) and entrepreneurship, local and not only. All together, passionately, to have fun and to break down the “logistic” fences of golf, bringing it in close contact with people. The audience has proven to appreciate the proposal, aligning along the route to perform performances that have combined amazing architectural and landscape scenes (eg Piazza Terme, Sissi Park, Wandelhalle) to original performances (great skill needed to overcome the Passing or centering the opening of a shoe, for example), attracting great interest and applause.

Instead of rewarding a winner, “In City Golf” rewarded 18, one for each hole, each of which has its own sponsor.

If the goal was to bring golf between people and in the midst of spectacular scenery, it was centered. Also thanks to the “Public Hole” on the Promenade near the Post Office Bridge, a hole where many, big and small, have come to test their golfing skills.