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Hole-in-One through a Helicopter!

An extraordinaire promotion event? For In City Golf nothing new! This time the Italian Golf Champion Giulia Sergas (tee off from the cable car in Cortina – 2011, tee off from the Arnolfo Tower in Florence – 2012) was faced with a new challenge: Shot the ball through a Helicopter to land than on the […]

In City Golf Merano 2017: spectacular and glamorous

Golf entered the streets, the promenade and the squares, and found itself at home, in the elegant city of Merano. On Saturday, July 15, the city on the Passirio hosted “In City Golf”, an event that in the recent years took place in locations famous for its art and culture but also for in touristic […]

Merano is looking forward to “its” In-City-Golf-Event this summer

With sunshine and beautiful weather, on the 2nd of May, the kick-off for the In-City-Golf-event in Merano took place. In addition to the professionals Giulia Sergas and Margherita Rigon, South Tyrol’s best amateur Franz Pföstel participated also in a spectacular Nearest-to-the-Pin contest! Whether it’s the Kurpromenade, Tappeinerweg, the Caste of Trauttmansdorff or under the arbours, […]

Vienna was during Easter the Austrian golf-capital

What until recently was just a dream for golf enthusiasts, turned into reality on the Easter weekend in the center of Vienna. 18 “Holes” – 9 at the Rathausplatz and 9 in the Viennese city center – next to the most beautiful sights the Austrian capital had to offer. From the bunker-hole of the Beach […]